Reassignment programme

What is the reassignment programme?

In addition to the other privileges and benefits through which you can earn income on your real estate periods, the Reassignment programme can also help you achieve a tremendous return on your investment, without you having to give up your own holidays. The process is quite straightforward and the Customer Service teams will handle your application with the greatest of professional care and attention:

  • Send your application to put your periods up for rent before the start of the year concerned.
  • Global Great Hotels passes on your request and will act as your representative in relations with various partners (Tour operators).
  • We pay you the sum corresponding to the rentals made.

The Tour operators’ fee only amounts to 15% of the rental value, giving you an income each year for as long as you wish to apply. Global Great Hotels charge no commission for being intermediary. However, you can also, of course, handle everything yourself if you please.

Reassignment management service

To use the reassignment management service you simply have to send a written request before 31st December of the previous year. You can send your request by email to your usual contact or mail it to the address listed on your contract, which is also available on our Contact page.
We will contact you to confirm the registration of your periods once your application is received.

Carry on travelling

If you cede your real estate periods you can, of course, keep travelling by using our dedicated Travel Agency. In fact, you do not have to limit yourself to the Global Great Hotels’ resorts but take the opportunity to discover new destinations.
Remember that you can enjoy all types of travel at very special rates thanks to your membership.