Investing in
Global Great Hotels

An investment for the future

Joining our elite club is simple and represents a real investment for the future, which is not limited to a specific property or a fixed length of time a year. Quite the opposite, at Global Great Hotels our members enjoy real estate periods throughout the year for an unlimited duration. In this way, they can stay with their family at either of our luxury resorts as many nights a year as they decided to book, whenever availability allows it.

However, to keep providing our members with the best service possible, we give them additional nights a year no matter the type of ownership they chose. This revolutionary system offers them a new, beneficial way to spend their holidays and make a profitable investment.
Like thousands of other families who have become Global Great clients, come and discover our services and professionalism. Judge for yourself during a promotional stay in one of our resorts during which time our team will help you discover all benefits of the Global Great Hotels product.

How to become a client

If you want to join our elite Hotel Club, you simply have to contact our customer service via email or phone and check if you fulfil the basic requirements to become a member. If so, our team will be pleased to explain our product in detail so that you can decide which type of ownership you are interested in. The flexibility of our product allows us to offer different levels of membership (from basic to the most complete).

Once you are a member of Global Great Hotels, you can decide which resort you would like to discover and fill out our booking form specifying what you want us to organize for you, as many times as you wish. Immediately, a professional from our team will take care of your hotel reservation, along with any other services you may request (flight ticket, car rental, transfers, etc.)

A wise investment to enjoy your holidays and make money at the same time

Real estate periods

If you do not know in which ways you can use your real estate periods, contact our customer service teams. They will be delighted to explain all the different services and options related to your products:

  • Organisation and coordination of travelling (in our resorts and outside our group, in any country of the world). We manage and organise at substantially negotiated rates all types of accommodation: hotels suites, villas, apartments, cruises, safaris, tours packages, etc.
  • Getting cession management assignment. This programme offers you the possibility to assign your holiday travel periods in order to generate additional income and achieve an interesting return on your investment.
  • Booking at Global Great Hotels’ resorts. Even if your periods are assigned, you can stay at our hotels for a price ranging from 150€ to 350€ per week, up to 6 persons and subject to availability at the requested site.
  • Submit your periods and make them available for exchange anywhere in the world.

By making this investment, not only can you share these privileges with your loved ones, you can also use your ownership to make money. We put at your disposal special programmes to help you get more profit out of your investment as time goes by.

Have a look at all the benefits we offer and contact our team for further information.