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Global Great Hotels’ resorts have been selected for their locations and ease of access, which makes them the best vacation choices in Spain. Moreover, as you can book all year in most of our hotels, they are the perfect place to plan and spend any types of holidays. Whether you are travelling with your family, your partner or your friends, either of these hotels is designed to meet and exceed your expectations, with all the facilities to cater for everyone’s needs.

We know that our members expect a lot of our resort’s services and facilities during their holidays. This is why, as part of our group’s quality policy, Mundial club controls all the installations annually for each hotel and they work daily to improve the services onsite. Mundial Club aims to constantly maintain high standards through regular upgrading of their equipment and facilities.

Everything you ever wanted

Global Great Hotels has combined the advantages of the best travel systems to provide innovative professional services. As a result, our hotels have become ideal choices for your holidays. Indeed, each resort has been chosen for its privileged location with the aim of maintaining the highest standards of services and offering maximum comfort and well-being.

But what do they all have in common? Even if each resort has its own character and specifications, they all offer high-quality services and an exceptional quality of life, which means you can easily enjoy all your favourite activities around them, such as: walking, hiking, sailing, diving, snorkelling, golf, spa, sauna, gym... you would not have enough in a single week of holiday to take advantage of all these benefits!